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Utah Figure Skating Club


Utah Figure Skating Club
est. 1951

Utah's First Figure Skating Club:
Since 1951, the Utah Figure Skating Club’s aim has been to foster, promote & advance amateur figure skating by encouraging and cultivating a spirit of harmony and friendship among ice skaters.



The South Davis Recreation Center is home to the Utah Figure Skating Club.

Utah Figure Skater of the Month


Sarah Deppe


Joleen Goodfellow

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Sarah's Page

Check out this cool story about Utah FSC member
Terri Lyn!!


Utah Figure Skating Club
has the following Committee Chair positions open:
Adult Membership
Competition Bids 
Ice Show/Exhibitions (Spring Ice Show)
Contact any board member if interested in volunteering for one of these positions

The 2015-2016 Fall, Winter, Spring Freestyle Schedule
is Now Available!

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Freestyle Session Rules


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Check out the new Interclub Website for updated calendar events and to register for testing! 

Intermountain Interclub Association

Intermountain Interclub Calendar

Intermountain Interclub EntryEeze Test Registration

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2014-2015 Volunteer Tracking Sheet

UFSC Volunteer Opportunities Form 2014-2015

Utah FSC Scholarship Application 2013-2014

Full home club members may qualify for scholarships for qualifying competitions which include: Pacific Coast Sectionals; USFS Nationals; ISU World and Junior World Championships; International Special Olympics.

UFSC Expense Reimbursement

Officials Reimbursement Request

Educational reimbursement for Utah FSC member judges and officials.

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Club Members, order your Utah Figure Skating Club Jackets On-Line at http://www.personaliteez.com/Utah-FSC-s/1880.htm            Or click the picture above. 

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2015-2016 Utah Figure Skating
Club Event Schedule

August 13-15, 2015       Copper Cup Figure Skating Championships

August 16, 2015            IIA Test session hosted by the Utah FSC

September 3, 2015       Weekly Club Ice sessions begin

TBA                               UFSC Fall General Membership Meeting

October 24, 2015         Spooktacular
December , 2015          Christmas Extravaganza

TBA                               UFSC Awards Banquet


TBA                              Spring Ice Show

TBA                              Spring General Membership Meeting

May 26, 2016               Last Club Ice session of the season

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Thanks for a great
Spring Ice Show!!!
See you next year

Ice Show Information

Spring Show Announcement

USED Skating Items?
If you have used skates, dresses, jackets, or other skating items you would like to sell to other Club members, please send an email to figureskating@earthlink.net We will contact you for details to be placed on the website.

Skating Links


Do you have questions about the International Judging System (IJS)?

Figure Skater's Website

Figure Skater's Website-Recognize Elements


Unseen Skaters Online

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           Good Luck! to all Utah FSC Skaters competing at the 2016 Central Pacific Regional Championships
October 3-5, 2015

2015 Copper Cup 

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2015-2016 Utah FSC Membership online!!


Levels of Membership

Instructions for Renewing Membership Online


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Utah Figure Skating Club Member Competition Results

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UFSC Club Member Test Results
Congratulations to UFSC skaters who successfully passed tests in March, May and June 2015 


June 2015


Joanna Wang:  Juvenile Moves in the Field


Elise Deppe:  Intermediate Moves in the Field


Polina Chowdhury:  Pre-Preliminary Free Skating 


Polina Chowdhury: Preliminary Free Skating


Maia Rutledge: Pre-Juvenile Free Skating  


Marisa Aylor: Junior Free Skating  


May 2015

Cassandra Harris:   Juvenile Moves in the Field
Emma Templeton:   Juvenile Moves in the Field 

Mercedes Ferrier:   Intermediate Moves in the Field


Maiah Rutledge:   Intermediate Moves in the Field  


Nicole Hayes:   Preliminary Free Skating


Stephanie Hansen:  Pre-Juvenile Free Skating


Cassandra Harris: Pre-Juvenile Free Skating


Demi Melendez:  Pre-Juvenile Free Skating  


Emma Templeton:  Pre-Juvenile Free Skating  


Mercedes Ferrier: Intermediate Free Skating


Amie Miyagi:  Intermediate Free Skating  


Anna Sophia Rorrer-Warren: Novice Free Skating


Shelby Baker:  Junior Free Skating  


Katherine Deneris:  Junior Free Skating  


Shelby Baker:  Senior Free Skating  


Sarah Lyle: Bronze Dance Test 


Amie Miyagi: Silver Dance Test


March 2015


Demi Melendez:   Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field


Joanna Wang:  Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field


Stephanie Hansen:  Juvenile Moves in the Field


Maiah Rutledge:  Juvenile Moves in the Field 


Amie Miyagi:  Novice Moves in the Field


Anna Sophia Rorrer-Warren:  Junior Moves in the Field 


Nicole Hayes:  Pre-Preliminary Free Skating 


Joanna Wang: Preliminary Free Skating



Congratulations to Sarah Lyle ,
Double Gold Medalist at the Senior level!

                         (passed August, 2014) 


Congratulations to Shelby Baker ,
Double Gold Medalist at the Senior level!

                         (passed May, 2015) 

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Upcoming Competitions & Events
(Click on any club logo below for competition information)
Please email figureskating@earthlink.net if you want a competition posted that we do not have listed 

Oktoberfest 2015

Figure Skating Competition

September 17-20, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

Hosted by the Cottonwood Heights Figure Skating Club

Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center

Questions, comments or concerns about this site or any aspect of the Utah Figure Skating Club? E-mail us and we'll answer your question, or find someone who will.